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In order to pay the money order / EFT orders, orders that are not paid within 1 week and then click on the di transfer / EFT ”button will be canceled. offers hundreds of products for sale. Ordered products are produced where required. However, for various reasons, the production of products that are ordered and not in stock may not be possible. In this case, the buyer is informed via e-mail or telephone and the entire amount received for the product is returned to the bank account if the order has been issued by credit card, if the credit card has been issued via wire transfer / EFT.
As a result of the manual production of the products ordered from, there may be differences in the carats and grams of the products. The fact that the rings are adjusted according to the ring size that you specify can also produce differences in the gold range.
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8.1.ALIC of; In the distance contracts related to the sale of goods, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the product to the person / organization at the address indicated to him, he may use the right of withdrawal from the contract without giving any legal and criminal responsibility and without giving any justification provided that he informs the SELLER. In the case of distant contracts for service provision, this period shall commence on the date of signing the contract. Before the expiration of the right of withdrawal, the right of withdrawal may not be used in the service contracts that are executed with the approval of the consumer. The expenses arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belongs to the SELLER. The BUYER accepts this agreement and accepts in advance that it has been informed about the right to withdraw.

8.2 In order to use the right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days period, written notification to the SELLER by registered mail, fax or e-mail shall be made and the product shall not be used in accordance with the provisions of the "Unacceptable Products" issued in this contract. If this right is used,

8.2.13. The invoice of the product delivered to the person or to the BUYER, (If the invoice of the product to be returned is institutionalized, it must be sent with the return invoice issued by the institution when it is returned. The order refunds issued on behalf of the institutions will not be completed unless the refund invoice is issued.)

8.2.2. Return form,

8.2.3. Products to be returned must be delivered complete and undamaged with the box, package and standard accessories, if any.

8.2.4.SATICI is obliged to return the total price and the documents that undermine the BUYER to the BUYER within 10 days from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal and to return the goods within a period of 20 days.

8.2.5. If there is a decrease in the value of the property due to a reason caused by the fault of the BUYER or the return is impossible, the PURCHASER is obliged to compensate the damages of the SELLER at the rate of defect. However, the PURCHASER shall not be liable for any changes or alterations caused by the proper use of the product or product within the period of cancellation.

8.2.6. In case of lowering the campaign limit amount arranged by SELLER due to the use of the right of withdrawal, the amount of discount used in the campaign shall be canceled.


9.1.a) Contracts relating to goods or services whose price varies depending on the fluctuations in the financial markets and which are not under the control of the seller or the supplier.

b) Contracts relating to goods prepared in accordance with consumer's wishes or personal needs.

c) Contracts for the delivery of goods which may be destroyed or expired.

ç) After the delivery of the packaging, tape, seal, package, such as protective items from the opened items; contracts for the delivery of improper delivery of health and hygiene.

d) Contracts relating to goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and which cannot be separated by their nature.

e) Contracts relating to books, digital content and computer supplies, data storage and data storage devices provided in material form after the delivery of goods such as packaging, tape, seal and package.

f) Contracts for the delivery of periodicals, such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under the subscription agreement.

g) Contracts for accommodation, transport of goods, car rental, supply of food and beverages, and free time for leisure or recreation.

i) Contracted services immediately on electronic media or delivered to the consumer immediately.

h) Contracts with respect to services commenced with the approval of the consumer prior to the expiry of the right of withdrawal.

Cosmetic and personal care products, underwear products, swimwear, bikini, books, copied software and programs, DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes and stationery supplies (toner, cartridge, ribbon, etc.) and they must be unused.

9.2. The BUYER may apply for complaints and objections to the arbitral tribunal or to the consumer court, where the consumer's place of residence is located within the monetary limits specified in the following law or where the consumer transaction is carried out. Information on the monetary limit is as follows:

For applications to be submitted to consumer arbitration committees in 2017, effective from 01/01/2017:

a) District consumer arbitration committees in disputes under 2.400 (two thousand four hundred) Turkish Lira,

b) provincial consumer arbitration committees in disputes between 2,400 (two thousand four hundred) Turkish Liras and 3,610 (three thousand six hundred ten) Turkish Liras in provinces with metropolitan status,

c) provincial consumer arbitration committees in disputes under 3.610 (three thousand six hundred and ten) Turkish Liras in the centers of non-metropolitan cities,

d) Provincial consumer arbitration committees have been assigned in the disputes between 2,400 (two thousand four hundred) Turkish Liras and 3.610 (three thousand six hundred ten) Turkish Liras in the districts which are not metropolitan.

This Agreement is for commercial purposes.